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Not Alone

The blank page is a two-faced mistress, both inspiring and haunting. As writers and creators, many of us seek the next means to entertain our audience, however, in this time of isolation we may not always have the drive to do so. As readers, ourselves, we might dive into our favorite worlds and works to escape from the reality around us. I am all to guilty of this. In recent days I have found myself in constant consumption of other works only to leave my personal creations trapped in abandoned scenes.

I’d like to chuckle with amusement thinking this form of abandonment will strengthen my characters, but alas if isn’t on the page, did it really happen?

If you haven’t been writing, it’s okay. Be kind and forgiving to yourself. You can still come back to your quill an epic hero. In this time of social separation, negative emotions have a way of taking hold with ease; a spiritual, mental, and emotional depression that holds onto us like a drenched sweater. With that said, I want to remind you that you aren’t alone. It is all too easy to feel alone, discouraged, and abandoned. The truth of it hits hard. Some days feel like a fog that won’t lift and others we might have to remind ourselves what month it is. Some of us may even relate to our abandoned characters, feeling stuck in a never-ending limbo.

You can still come back to your quill an epic hero.

However, I’m here to say your story and your passions aren't over. It’s never to late for you or anyone to kick off the dust and start a new day. It will be hard. It will push you, but you and your story are worth it.

So, from this creator's beating heart to yours, please know…

You are enough. You are strong.

You will get through this.

Today is not forever.

It will get better.

Never forget how epic you are.

And never ever forget that you are loved.

This chapter of isolation will close my writing friends and we will be together again. We all have blank pages to fill with many more ventures on the horizon. So, until then, go forth like the amazing heroes you are and save your abandoned characters.

They’ve waited long enough.


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