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Welcome to the CLW Blog!

Our group turns four years old this August 2022. That is an exciting time for us as we adjust to our new “normal” after surviving a world pandemic.


This group was a creation of our fearless leader Nancy Golden. On a lark or a whim or perhaps inspiration from above, she posed a question on a social media site regarding writing.

“Is there any interest in joining a group that is focused on writing?”

Our first meeting, held in the backroom of a BBQ restaurant, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Well, several friendships.


During the times of inaccessibility to physically connect, we found ways to communicate

through social media platforms, including Zoom.

Instead of the virus being a negative force in our lives, we discovered that not only could we assist each other and be around like-minded people, but we could take our enthusiasm and goodwill well beyond the borders of our city.

If you are interested in writing, you’ll will find this group welcoming. From love stories to ghost stories; from nostalgia to the future; and from non-fiction to magical realism, CLW covers all genres and experience levels.

In August 2022, CLW’s first anthology, “The Roads We Take”, won third place for short stories at the North Texas Book Festival.

Hit that follow button, introduce yourself, and prepare to engage with some friendly folks with a shared desire.

Scott Taylor, Executive Director




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