Show & Tell

· Who was your favorite teacher, and why?

· Were you a teacher's pet?

· Did you have a teacher who meant more to you than the others?

You might be like me in that it was so long ago nobody sticks out, or do they?

Instead of memorializing a 'favorite' teacher, I would like to pay homage to a favorite principle.

The reason is, I had too many teachers who stood out, to single out just one.

A somewhat precocious child, I taught myself electronics at eight years old. Now when I say 'electronics' that, of course, does not cover all aspects, it merely means that I could read a schematic and understand what was going on. I knew how each component worked regarding the apparatus and could troubleshoot most things by starting at the power supply.

Radio enthused me as to the mechanics of how it worked. During 'show and tell' I would not bring anything to class other than knowledge of something I had learned. One fine Friday, when it was my turn, I stood at the board and explained radio wave propagation to peers who, let's say, were less than interested.

I had recently discovered short wave radio and was thrilled to hear radio stations not only from different states but from different countries.

To me, I did not understand why everyone did not share my desire to know how things worked.

That day my teacher had invited the principle to stop in and watch.

If you have ever been called to the principal's office, you can understand my trepidation when the following Monday, I got a call over the loudspeaker to come to his office right before the bell.

Imagine my relief when he got up, shook my hand, and spoke with me about how he had researched what I had said. Handing me an old radio that no longer functioned, I was thrilled. A trip to the Rexall Drug store on my bike, using the 'tube tester' for $1.85, I had a working radio.

Seldom do you have people in your life that take an interest in you, but when they do, we carry that with us through life. The school that bore his name was recently demolished.

While the building might be gone, his spirit still lives on through me and others like me, who's life he touched.

Your Turn…

If nobody stands out, make someone up. What would you, as a student, liked to have seen?

Maybe you are or were a teacher. Did you have a student that stood out?